Word Lovers: This Website Is for You

Do you love words? is the place for you! Word Spy is devoted to “lexpionage,” which is the sleuthing of new words and phrases that have appeared in print and online. Learn what hackerazzi, unsourcing, and nomophobia mean while tapping into the current culture of society and words. Word Spy includes recently coined words, old words used in new ways, and existing popular words and phrases. And while you may believe that some of these words must be made up, Word Spy gives you assurance that these funny words and phrases have actually appeared multiple times in newspapers, magazines, books, websites, and other recorded sources.

It’s always fun to learn something new! At The Lofts at Savannah Park Apartments in Sanford, Florida, we love to provide you with fun, thought-provoking facts that will make you reflect on different aspects of life.

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