Be Kind. Be the Change.

The world is a very tricky and sometimes scary place today. Normally we do not comment on any issue based news because we have such a wide series of beliefs. But it would also be irresponsible of me not to take advantage of a platform that our team shares with each and everyone of you, We are a community! We pass each other daily, we say "hello how's your family", you ask about our staff, you take an interest into people's lives... we simply care. We are members of a community at The Lofts at Savannah Park. Whether you were born in Sanford, or Australia, or Ireland, or Afghanistan, or India, or Cambodia, or Brazil, or even Michigan (That's me!), know that we care about you as a resident and we appreciate you individually! We have a woman that dances through our entrance daily that we have started dancing with as she passes. We have a resident that will totally listen to me ramble about an arcade cabinet I'm building. We have a residents that bought Marcus's new baby clothes without any reason. We have a young boy that loves AC units who comes in the office to just see the setup in my office. I cannot express this enough, our residents are amazing. Through all of the curveballs thrown at us as society in 2020, not a single resident has angerly approached our office or our staff. We all need to show the kindness to everyone like the kindness that I have seen from our residents. In a world of darkness, be the bright light. The world WILL be a better place. 

So it's not the world. I don't know how many people will read this. But to each and every single person living at The Lofts at Savannah Park, YOU are a part of this community! 

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